python interface to MATLAB Runtime

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Therry on 28 Dec 2018
Commented: Therry on 3 Jan 2019
Generating and installing a python library for Windows from MATLAB with the Compiler SDK works well.
In the python main program calls to the library can be well initiated acc. to the description with "import mylib" and "mylib.initialize()".
Generating MATLAB arrays for calling the library functions failes: "import matlab" gives an error "No module named matlab".
I enhanced the Windows path and the environmental variable PYTHONPATH with the MATLAB Runtime path "mcrroot\v95\runtime\win64". No effect.
So every examples from the Pythons User's guide (MATLAB Compiler SDK) page 2-6 ff doesn't work.
Do you can help me?
Best Regards
R.-D. Therburg

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Kojiro Saito
Kojiro Saito on 29 Dec 2018
As this document says,
>>you can either install the Python engine before running your packaged application, as described in Install MATLAB >>Engine API for Python (MATLAB), or use import mypackage before import matlab in the following programs.
that matlab module is MATLAB Engine API for Python.
In order to make "import matlab" work, we can take two options as the document explains.
  • 1) Install MATLAB Engine API for Python following the steps in this document.
Installer of MATLAB Engine API is located in matlabroot\extern\engines\python where matlabroot is install folder of MATLAB.
cd "matlabroot\extern\engines\python"
python install
  • 2) use "import mylib" before "import matlab" in your Python script.
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Therry on 3 Jan 2019
the problem comes not from the MATLAB engine but from the MATLAB Runtime on the target machine. So both ways doesn't help, but the solution is something like that.
With "python install" I can install my python library generated with the Compiler SDK. But the MATLAB Runtime itself was not installed in Python. I found another in the Runtime:
cd "mcrroot\v95\toolbox\compiler_sdm\pysdk_py"
than execute: "python install"
After that "import matlab" works and I can generate MATLAB arrays with matlab.double the examples in the Pythons User's guide (MATLAB Compiler SDK) page 2-6 ff.
Best Regards
R.-D. Therburg

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