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Exchanging data between different GUI

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Deyan am 16 Jul. 2012
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Dear all,
I am trying to use data between different GUI. First I tried with global variables, but it seems to be very dodgy. Hence I decided to use setappdata / getappdata. However, these define a value for an object within a GUI. How do I access the object from the other GUI, where I need the data?
Here is my example: in the 1st file, I have the callback function: setappdata(handles.fileTarget,'sim_path',dir_name)
an in the other, when I try: title = getappdata(handles.fileTarget,'sim_path')
I obv get an error because the handles.fileTarget is not present in this GUI. How do I call it?

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Caleb am 16 Jul. 2012
If you set and get the app data from the root instead of from an individual GUI, all the others GUI figures should be able to see the information as well. In MATLAB, the root is designated by a 0. For example:
number = 10;
% Assigns the value of number, in this case 10, to a variable called count in the appdata of the root.
% Gets the current value of count from the root's app data.


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