Pairwaise Mutual Information Calculation

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Marimuthu Ananthavelu
Marimuthu Ananthavelu on 23 Dec 2018
I am trying to estimate the Mutual Information for pairwise combinations for the whole matrix (which is an EEG data). I use the functions defined here link. And I use following code to estimate this pairwise.
Data=csvread('data.csv'); % loads the EEG data.
% MI for pair of recordings in EEG
n=size(Data,1);% Number of Chanenls in EEG data
for i=1:n
for j=1:n
  1. I see different ways to estimate the MI's, however I had written my code above to verify.
  2. When I tried to estimate the Mean(average) value of MI for all the pairs, Should I remove the diagonals values (which corresponds to the MI for its own pair) and the duplicates values (as the matrix is an outcome of the pairwise estimation).?
  3. Or Should I just estimate the mean for the whole matrix which is an outcome of the above code?
Marimuthu Ananthavelu
Marimuthu Ananthavelu on 24 Dec 2018
I have uploaded the data in CSV format due to its size. And Updated the code as well accordingly to load the data. Thanks for your willingness to help.

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