Display trailing edge of a long strings of a listbox by hovering the mouse over the string

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I have a listbox on which some strings are very long. I do not wish to make listbox too wide just becuase of these few long strings.
Is there anyway to display trailing edge of these long strings in my listbox by simply hovering the mouse over those strings without using scroll pane?
Maybe something like a "tooltip" for individual lines of the listbox?
Any HTML/JAVA hacks?

Accepted Answer

Jan on 17 Dec 2018
Edited: Jan on 17 Dec 2018
% Prepare the Matlab listbox uicontrol
hFig = figure;
listItems = {'apple','orange','banana','lemon','cherry','pear','melon'};
hListbox = uicontrol(hFig, 'style','listbox', 'pos',[20,20,60,60], 'string',listItems);
% Get the listbox's underlying Java control
jScrollPane = findjobj(hListbox);
% We got the scrollpane container - get its actual contained listbox control
jListbox = jScrollPane.getViewport.getComponent(0);
% Convert to a callback-able reference handle
jListbox = handle(jListbox, 'CallbackProperties');
% Set the mouse-movement event callback
set(jListbox, 'MouseMovedCallback', {@mouseMovedCallback,hListbox});
% Mouse-movement callback
function mouseMovedCallback(jListbox, jEventData, hListbox)
% Get the currently-hovered list-item
mousePos = java.awt.Point(jEventData.getX, jEventData.getY);
hoverIndex = jListbox.locationToIndex(mousePos) + 1;
listValues = get(hListbox,'string');
hoverValue = listValues{hoverIndex};
% Modify the tooltip based on the hovered item
msgStr = sprintf('<html>item #%d: <b>%s</b></html>', hoverIndex, hoverValue);
set(hListbox, 'Tooltip',msgStr);
end % mouseMovedCallback

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