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how to see the output of my maxpooling layer

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Marque Sevadera
Marque Sevadera am 18 Nov. 2018
Kommentiert: Theron FARRELL am 5 Jun. 2019
Hi! Is there a way to see the outputs of my Layers in Convolutional Neural Network.
So to start off, I created a Convolutional Neural Network and I want to see the outputs for each Layers. For example, I have my maxPooling2dLayer and I want to know how many feature maps it produced and what are the values of each feature maps.

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Alla am 22 Nov. 2018
Have you tried using this features = activations(network,input ,layer number)
Specify the network name, your input which would be an image or a feature map, and the number of the layer you whose output you want to check for example 2 for the second layer.
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Marque Sevadera
Marque Sevadera am 9 Dez. 2018
Hey man you're a life saver! Thanks a lot :) Its my fault for not reading the docs thoroughly, thank you very much again! Cheers! :)
Theron FARRELL am 5 Jun. 2019
In 2019a doc, it says
'activations only supports networks with an imageInputLayer or image3dInputLayer image input layer.'
How about my input layer is one of those convolution layers or fully connected layers?

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