How to use ActiveX in Matlab Web Apps?

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Morteza on 24 Oct 2018
Edited: Martin Roempert on 12 Nov 2018
Hi, I'm trying to develop a software by using appdesigner,that its output is an Excel file. I have to insert image files in that Excel file and I did it by using ActivX fucntions, But it doesn't work when I compile the code by using webAppCompiler. How should I do to solve this problem?
Martin Roempert
Martin Roempert on 12 Nov 2018
Edited: Martin Roempert on 12 Nov 2018
Same for my application. I use actxserver to call a program for data conversion. In the logfile of WebAppServer I find:
out=Error using feval
out=Server Creation Failed: Zugriff verweigert
out=Error in actxserver (line 89)
How to allow connection?

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