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intersection volume (mesh)

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Ilaria Sani
Ilaria Sani am 22 Okt. 2018
Dear All,
I have two clouds of points (they are actually points from an MRI image that represent white matter tracts).
I created the boundaryes of these two clouds: [Surf1, vol1] = boundary(3D_coord1); [Surf2, vol2] = boundary(3D_coord2);
I would like to know the volume of their intersection.
I found code to calculate the surface of intersection and it's working ok. % intersect surfaces Surface1.vertices = [anato_coords{1}(1,:)',anato_coords{1}(2,:)',anato_coords{1}(3,:)']; Surface1.faces = anato_surf; Surface2.vertices = [att_coords{1}(1,:)',att_coords{1}(2,:)',att_coords{1}(3,:)']; Surface2.faces = att_surf; [intersect12, Surf12] = SurfaceIntersection(Surface1, Surface2);
But can't find anything that would give me volume.
Any hint would be highly appreciated!!
Here is two example surfaces:
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jixiong fei
jixiong fei am 31 Mär. 2024
have you solve this problem

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Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro
If these are points in the same coordinate system, could you find those points that occur in both cases? that would give you an indication of the volume once you scale to the correct proportions.


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