how to extract spikes from a figure

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Lei am 29 Jun. 2012
Hello, eveyone.
I am processing some borehole data, but I have a problem now. After I plot the data, the figure has many spikes. I want extract those spikes.
Each spike is different,i.e.,different width and length. I was thinking using a moving average filter, but it does not work well. Or maybe I could define a cutoff value,like three times of the std of the total data. However, those spikes or outliers affect statistics, so its not accurate.
I am wondering is there any way I could do it automatically instead of manually pick up the start and end point of each spike.
If anyone has any advice, please let me know. Many thanks.
The image is here: please click the link.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 29 Jun. 2012
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Lei am 29 Jun. 2012
hello,walter. Yes,I wanna both location and widths. The one from file exchange may work out. I will try this one. Thx again.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 29 Jun. 2012
If the built in peak detector doesn't work, then you might look elsewhere, such as to this paper:
Comparison of public peak detection algorithms for MALDI mass spectrometry data analysis
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Lei am 29 Jun. 2012
hello,iamge analyst. Thx for ur help. This paper is really helpful to understand different criterias to detect and extract spikes.

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