Index Non-Empty Cells in Cell Array

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John F
John F am 28 Jun. 2012
Kommentiert: Serge Kogan am 21 Okt. 2020
I have the following cell array
TEST = [1] [] [] [] []
I want to get the index position of the non-empty cell. I know I can do this using a loop, but is there any single command (like "find") that will do this?
Thank you!

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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen am 28 Jun. 2012
Bearbeitet: Honglei Chen am 28 Jun. 2012
x = {1,[],[],[]};
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Serge Kogan
Serge Kogan am 21 Okt. 2020
Md. Mubarak Hossain, You can get it by transposing the cell array a :
a={1 [] [];2 [] 4;5 6 []};

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Attila am 16 Mai 2017
Dear Mubarak,
This will work : find(~cellfun(@isempty,a'));


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