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How do I change my MATLAB Parallel Server license to use Online Licensing?

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I have a MATLAB Parallel Server license, and I want to use it to license clusters in the Cloud.
How do I change my MATLAB Parallel Server license to use Online Licensing?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team am 10 Mai 2023
Bearbeitet: MathWorks Support Team am 11 Mai 2023
MATLAB Parallel Server licenses have two configurations: "Network License Manager" or "Online Licensing".
By default, Parallel Server licenses are set to "Network License Manager", but they can be changed to use "Online Licensing" instead by license administrators. This configuration can make it easier to license clusters in the cloud.
To change a MATLAB Parallel Server license to Online Licensing:
1. Go to the License Center and log in to your MathWorks account
2. Select your MATLAB Parallel Server license, then go to the "Install and Activate" tab
3. On this page you should see: "License Manager: Network License Manager". Click the blue pencil icon to edit this setting. On the following webpage, you will see a list of steps which need to be completed in order to complete the change to Online Licensing:
STEP 1: Shut down the network license manager
If you never installed the license manager, you can skip this step. Otherwise, on your license server, shut down the license manager, and delete the license file.
Default location of the license file is: MATLABROOT/etc/license.dat
STEP 2: Modify the license parameter definition file
This step is only necessary if you have installed MATLAB Parallel Server outside of MathWorks Cloud Center and you want to configure it to use Online Licensing.
If you do have a non-Cloud Center cluster installation, you have to modify the mjs_def.bat file to set the online licensing parameter value to True on all nodes in your cluster, and restart MATLAB Job Scheduler.
Default location is:
matlabroot/toolbox/parallel/bin/mjs_def.bat (UNIX)
matlabroot\toolbox\parallel\bin\mjs_def.bat (Windows)
For more information, see:
How do I configure my cluster to utilize an Online Licensing MATLAB Parallel Server License?
STEP 3: Provide users with access to the cluster
This step is not optional. Click "Manage Users" and then "Add User(s)" and add all the users who will be creating clusters OR submitting jobs to clusters.
STEP 4: Provide users with the profile necessary to connect to the cluster
If you are using cloud-hosted clusters, see this documentation: 
Access Cloud Center Clusters from MATLAB
For more information on steps 2-4, see this page:
How do I configure my cluster to use an Online Licensing MATLAB Parallel Server License?
4. Once you have completed Steps 1-4 above, click the "Change to Online Licensing" button at the bottom of the page to finalize the change in the License Center.
For more information on Online Licensing for MATLAB Parallel Server, see this documentation:
Online Licensing for MATLAB Parallel Server

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