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Error returned in Eigs Function " Undefined operator '.*' "

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Wulfran Deberdt
Wulfran Deberdt am 17 Sep. 2018
Beantwortet: Wulfran Deberdt am 24 Sep. 2018
Hello !
However, it returns error. I ran line by line until finding the problem line, it is this one :
% e = eigs(A,B,50,'LR');
Which returns a triple error :
% Undefined operator '.*' for input arguments of type 'operatorBlock'.
% Error in @(x,u)(diff(u,4)-2.*diff(u,2)+u)./Re-2i.*u-1i.*diag(1-x.^2).*(diff(u,2)-u)
% Error in chebop/feval (line 190)
% out = N.op(x, u);
% Error in chebop/linearize (line 150)
% Nu = feval(N, x, u{:});
% Error in chebop/eigs (line 59)
% [L, ~, isLinear, u0] = linearize(N, N.init, [], linCheck);
Does anyone has an idea for the origin of these errors ?
Wulfran Deberdt, last semester's project at UC Berkeley

Antworten (2)

Andrew Knyazev
Andrew Knyazev am 21 Sep. 2018
Bearbeitet: Walter Roberson am 21 Sep. 2018
Looks like a bug in chebfun - just make this comment at for the chebfun authors to see and react.

Wulfran Deberdt
Wulfran Deberdt am 24 Sep. 2018
Thank you but I found the problem, just have to withdraw the built-in function "diag"


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