Is there a list of C MX Functions ? (Matlab API)

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Philipp Heinirch
Philipp Heinirch on 12 Sep 2018
Commented: dpb on 12 Sep 2018
Hey guys, I am looking for a list of C MX Functions that can be used by C++ ? What i want is basically this kind of document but only for a more recent matlab version like 2017b. I looked around in the documentation but could not find a simple list and instead everything is scattered across many sites.
Edit: For whatever reason I can just select, "R12.1" and "R11.1" as release version, but I am definitely looking for a list based on 2017b
dpb on 12 Sep 2018
Ah! I've not messed w/ mex since ~R2013/14 or thereabouts.
The help index seemed (to me, anyway) to imply the old API still existed but links ran/run in circles. I'm not sure just what the status really is more recently; my interest has flagged in doing mex stuff with the retirement from active consulting.

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Answers (1)

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 12 Sep 2018
Take a look at the version of this documentation page included in your locally installed documentation. Open the documentation for MATLAB then go to Advanced Software Development and finally MATLAB API for Other Languages.
The online documentation is for the most recent release of MATLAB, and I know some functions were added to support the new interleaved storage of complex numbers in release R2018a, which is why I recommend going to that page in your local installation.




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