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How to interpolate a different ranges of data in one array of a cell?

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Thao Linh Tran
Thao Linh Tran on 10 Sep 2018
Commented: Thao Linh Tran on 13 Sep 2018
I have one cell of storm data including different column arrays such as year, sid, time, name, lat, lon (look at the attachment for more detail), I would like interpolate from 3 hours interval at present to 1 hour interval for lat, lon arrays of each storm using "cubic" method. I can do for one storm as below.
t1= 0:3:lines % lines is the number of intervals of that storm
t2= 0:1:((lines-1)*3)
lat2= interp1(t1,lat1,t2,'cubic');
lon2= interp1(t1,lonw1,t2,'cubic');
How can I count the number of intervals of each storm (different storms are defined by sid) then interpolate values of lat, lon for each of them? Thanks in advance!


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Accepted Answer

ADragon on 10 Sep 2018
Hi Thao, you can auto generate a script to import your data as a table and index into it using the column names. See attached for an example script. Then you can do something like the following to get only storm '1988219N27175'.
idx = find(data.sid == '1988219N27175');
lines = numel(idx);
lat1 =;
lon1 = data.lon(idx);

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Thao Linh Tran
Thao Linh Tran on 13 Sep 2018

Thank you for your help. I also found another way to solve this using unique function to count the number of timesteps of each storm and then do interpolation.

[TC, ~, J]=unique(sid); 
interval = histc(J,1:numel(TC));

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