nested function without "function" keyword?

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John F
John F am 22 Jun. 2012
Hi Everyone,
I'm trying to debug a program on the MATLAB file exchange called "convertTDMS (v6)" and can be found here...
The main function is declared at the beginning of the m-file as shown...
function [ConvertedData,ConvertVer] = convertTDMS(SaveConvertedFile, filename)
Later in the file, there is a line of code that reads as follows...
The above line looks like a command with a given output array, but the there is no command or function defined by fixcharformatlab(obname).
Is this some sort of nested function? I'm not necessarily trying to figure out what this "command" is doing. Rather, I want to know what this type of line of code does within a function without having the "function" keyword declaration in front of it.
I'm still working through the code, but if anyone can provide any help, please let me know!

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John F
John F am 22 Jun. 2012
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 22 Jun. 2012
What was the solution?
Thomas am 22 Jun. 2012
the main function file also contained other functions and function
was available as part of it..

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