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Is there a better way to view dozens of tabs in the Editor Window? Can the tabs be made smaller so I can see more at the same time?

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I have dozens of tabs open at once for a large program. I can only see around 10 at a time despite having 6 times these many because Mathworks seems to think we're all blind by making the tabs too large and bulky. Is there a way to abbreviate the tabs or make them smaller somehow so I can see all of them (or at least more of them) at the same time? I know there is the little drop down at the top left, but this is painful to use as well. Thanks
Bonus: When I hit Ctrl+D on an object or function, it takes me to the definition which is very helpful. However, since there is no "Peek Definition" option like in Visual Studio, then I have to cycle back through 70 tabs to just find where I was previously at. Is there a way to quickly go back to the definition? 'Alt+Left' only goes back if I've made a change so that's not what I'm looking for.
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Rik am 7 Sep. 2018
I doubt you're working on all of those 60 functions at the same time. So a solution would be to only have the functions open that you are actually working on. The two more unhelpful solutions would be to get a bigger screen or change the names of your functions to be shorter.
You could look into the options if there is any font setting that changes the size of the names in the tabs.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord am 7 Sep. 2018
Consider dragging the bar containing the file names to the left or right side of the Editor rather than having it along the top of the Editor.
But I kind of agree with Rik -- needing to have dozens of files open simultaneously seems to me like an inefficient workflow.
As for navigating back to where you were ... setting bookmarks might help if you needed to jump to a different location in the same file, but it probably won't work if you need to jump between files.
That documentation page describes how to set bookmarks via the UI but there are keybindings to set, clear, and go to bookmarks if you prefer keeping your hands on the keyboard at all times. I'm not sure if they're the same between the possible shortcut sets, but if you search for "bookmark" in the keyboard shortcuts you can see which keys are bound to those operations.

Rick Hindman
Rick Hindman am 11 Sep. 2020
I like to keep all the files I'm working in open at once.
Reposition the filename tabs to the left or right side of the editor. Also, drag a tab off the tab bar to the other half of the editor to work in split screen. You can drag tabs from one split or the other based on how you want to group them. You can even split the screen further, creating multiple vertical and/or horzintal splits. Then you can move the dividing line beyween splits in the editor to make the split you are working in big, and the others small.

Asvin Kumar
Asvin Kumar am 29 Dez. 2020


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