ODE45 initial conditions are y'(0) = 0, y'(inf) = 1

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Tejas Adsul
Tejas Adsul on 1 Sep 2018
Answered: The Anh Vu on 28 Nov 2021
I have a third order differential equation and I have followed the steps given here to obtain the function handle. However, my two initial conditions are y'(0) = 0 and y'(inf) = 1, and only one initial condition is of the form y(0) = const.
How do I input the first order initial conditions while using ode45?
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Torsten on 3 Sep 2018
The condition y'(inf)=1 makes it necessary to use bvp4c instead of ode45.
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The Anh Vu
The Anh Vu on 28 Nov 2021
y’(t) +10*y=5*cos(10*t) y’(0)=5 Hepl me code matlab ode45. Thank you




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