Step response due to input changes

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Shaun Struwig
Shaun Struwig on 1 Sep 2018
Edited: Akbar on 17 Sep 2018
I would like to use the Matlab control systems library to compare an experimentally derived transfer function model for a practical system. The experimental step response is shown below:
The system takes a duty cycle percentage as input and has RPM of a motor as output. In the plot above the two jumps in the response are to an input of 10 and 20 respectively. I have obtained the transfer function experimentally and managed to plot the response to an input of 10 in Matlab as shown below:
What I would like to do is to create a similar plot in matlab to my experimental plot so I can compare how close the model approximates the realization. How can I use step() to input 10 initially and then to step to 20 after about 6 seconds.

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Akbar on 17 Sep 2018
Edited: Akbar on 17 Sep 2018
Maybe try in Simulink, using the Signal builder block you can create Input as you want.

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