How do I Average across structure

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Rene Sebena
Rene Sebena am 29 Aug. 2018
Beantwortet: Image Analyst am 30 Aug. 2018
I have a 14 subject structure (ERP_data.ERP_data); for each subject there is 3D matrix: 32(electrode) x 381(data) x 32(condition); I would like to average the data across subjects with nanmean, so the final matrix will be 32x381x32; thank you for you help!
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madhan ravi
madhan ravi am 29 Aug. 2018
Where’s the data file?
Rene Sebena
Rene Sebena am 29 Aug. 2018
Sorry, but datafile is too big to can see the structure of that file on the picture.

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Jacob Ward
Jacob Ward am 29 Aug. 2018
Here's a possible solution I used to solve your problem:
clear; close all;
% This part just creates dummy data similar to yours with the same structure
ERP_data(14) = struct('ERP_data',0);
for n = 1:14
ERP_data(n) = struct('ERP_data',rand(32,381,32));
averagedData = zeros(32,381,32); % Initializes final matrix
for n = 1:32
for m = 1:381
for o = 1:32
dataToAverage = zeros(14,1); % Initializes vector to average
for p = 1:14
dataToAverage(p) = ERP_data(p).ERP_data(n,m,o); % Grabs the data point from each subject for the position given by m,n, and o
averagedData(n,m,o) = nanmean(dataToAverage); % Averages those points and then assigns that value to the position given by m,n, and o in the final matrix
Hope that helps!
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Rene Sebena
Rene Sebena am 29 Aug. 2018
Thanks a lot! This is what I did meanwhile, and it is also working:
GA_ERP_cue = []; for ch = 1:32 GA_ERP_cue_temp = nanmean([ERP_data(1).ERP_data(ch,:,:); ERP_data(2).ERP_data(ch,:,:); ERP_data(3).ERP_data(ch,:,:); ERP_data(4).ERP_data(ch,:,:); ERP_data(5).ERP_data(ch,:,:); ERP_data(6).ERP_data(ch,:,:); ERP_data(7).ERP_data(ch,:,:); ERP_data(8).ERP_data(ch,:,:); ERP_data(9).ERP_data(ch,:,:); ERP_data(10).ERP_data(ch,:,:); ERP_data(11).ERP_data(ch,:,:); ERP_data(12).ERP_data(ch,:,:); ERP_data(13).ERP_data(ch,:,:); ERP_data(14).ERP_data(ch,:,:)]); GA_ERP_cue(ch,:,:) = GA_ERP_cue_temp; end

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 30 Aug. 2018
You can use mean() with the 'omitnan' option.

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