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Code generation for TS7800 supporting ARM9 processor

Asked by Raja Rout on 19 Jun 2012
TS-7800 of Technologic System , this board contains ARM9 processor. Is Embedded Coder can be used for generating C code for this board?


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Answer by TAB
on 19 Jun 2012
 Accepted Answer

Basically embedded coder generates generic ANSI/ISO C/C++ code which can be integrated with your hand written (low level) code and ported to any (8/16/32 bit - depending upon the device type you have selected) micro-controller on any board.
Still, simulink directly support some frequently used prototyping boards which are listed here. Advantage of using these board is that, simulink generates the complete code which can be run directly on these boards without any further integration requirement.

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Thank you very much...

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