How do I change styles in a Word through actxserver.

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Hi I created a macro in word to get the code to change the style in my word. the returned code is:
Selection.Style = ActiveDocument.Styles("Heading 1")
I tried to use this code:
word = actxserver('Word.Application');
word.visible = 1;
word.Documents.Add([pwd, '\test.docx']);
word.Selection.GoTo(1,1); % go to top
word.Selection.Find.Forward = 1;
word.Selection.Find.Wrap = 1;
word.Selection.Find.Text = 'StrToFormat';
selectionFound = word.Selection.Find.Execute;
word.Selection.Style = word.ActiveDocument.Styles('Heading 1');
Unfortunate I get this error.
Index exceeds array bounds.
Error in test (line 18)
word.Selection.Style = word.ActiveDocument.Styles('Heading 1');
Do any body knows how to change the style of selected text trough actxserver.
Im using Office 2016
Thanks S

Answers (1)

Martijn on 8 Aug 2018
In COM/VBA there is a concept called "default member", which is the member that gets called if you do not specify a specific method/property to be called when interacting with an object. In MATLAB that concept does not exist, and you need to explicitly call the correct method or property. For example, for a Styles collection object the default member is Item; see this screenshot taken from the Object Browser in the VBA editor in Word:
Meaning that if you write:
ActiveDocument.Styles("Heading 1")
What you are really calling is:
ActiveDocument.Styles.Item("Heading 1")
So, what you would need to write in MATLAB is also:
word.Selection.Style = word.ActiveDocument.Styles.Item('Heading 1');

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