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Dynamic Option Values in UIDropdown using App Designer

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HM am 5 Aug. 2018
Beantwortet: Chris Portal am 2 Sep. 2018
Hi all, I'm just getting into App Designer, and I'm trying to work out how I can create dynamic option values in a uidropdown property. E.g. I want the options available in the DropDown to change, depending on what is going on elsewhere in the code.
I'm using 2017a, and referring to the documentation topics 'uidropdown' and 'DropDown Properties', it seems like it should be possible. The documentation states '(App Designer)' against these topics, so it looks like it is referring specifically to App Designer. However, in App Designer, the section where I would edit this code is greyed out.
Why would the documentation for (App Designer) uidropdown provide so much detail about the syntax and options, if I can't actually edit this within App Designer?
Thanks in advance, Hugh.

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Chris Portal
Chris Portal am 2 Sep. 2018
You can do this by configuring your dropdown's values in the startup callback function. Right click on the figure background in the drag and drop design canvas, select Callbacks, and choose StartupFcn to add one to your app.


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