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how can I upgrade?

Asked by Sunhee Park on 25 Jul 2018
Latest activity Answered by Andreas Goser on 25 Jul 2018
Befor when using old PC, I used upgraded MATHLAB. Recently, I changed my PC. And I installed purchsed MATHLAB. (License Number : XXXXXX) It needs to be upgraded. How can I upgrade?


on 25 Jul 2018
Did you already switch the license you have to your new pc?
If not so, look here and see if this was the problem:
Andreas Goser on 25 Jul 2018
Note I xxxxx ed out the license number, as you likely do not want to disclose that information to the public.

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1 Answer

Answer by Andreas Goser on 25 Jul 2018

This looks like you want to use a new MATLAB release and at the same time move to another machine. I recommend you
1. Deactivate on your old machine 2. Install and activate the new release on the new machine 3. You may want to install the release you previously used on your new machine, as long as you have not tested your projects on the new release
If you run into issues, you can contact MathWorks' installation support team in your country.


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