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niftiread returns empty array

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I use a well-known tool called dcm2niix to convert DICOMs to nifti. the nifti files can be read by any nifti viewer softwares and also with SPM , But, when I try to load the files into the Matlab using built-in niftiread function, it returns an empty array. Any comment why 'niftiread' doesn't work properly?
'niftiinfo' function works fine and can read header data.
Matlab version: R2018a
Guillaume on 26 Jul 2018
Ali, I suggest you put that as an answer then mark the question answered, so people know it is resolved (sort of).
I suggest you also raise a bug report with Mathworks. Even if they are already aware of the bug, you raising a bug report means you'll be informed whenever it is fixed.

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Ali Aghaeifar
Ali Aghaeifar on 26 Jul 2018
Seems this function is not implemented properly in MATLAB. I found a solution for this problem. more information here:

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