Image processing in MATLAB/OpenCV

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Andrew am 14 Jun. 2012
Good day.
I have a project in image processing. To be exact, it's video processing project. In simple terms, the main task of the project is to monitor road traffic.
Here, we will highlight or notify if there is congestion, traffic violation, etc.
Question: Since this analyses live traffic, will MATLAB performance be a problem? Because I read that openCV is best compared to MATLAB w/ performance.
It would be an advantage, I think, if I use MATLAB because of advanced or built in functions that we need for my task. I am just concerned about performance.
Your assistance will be appreciated.
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Ryan am 14 Jun. 2012
Real time analysis with the video processing toolbox can be done.
While I have no experience in video processing and none with openCV and I realize dealing with traffic video is possibly more memory/processing intensive than a Sudoku puzzle, I think that you'll be able to manage if your computer can handle it.

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Richard Crozier
Richard Crozier am 14 Jun. 2012
There is also a mex interface to opencv which may offer the best compromise, as the actual opencv processing is still done in native code. See


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