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Why is the correlation matrix much larger than the original matrix?

Asked by Ahsan  Khan on 19 Jul 2018
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on 19 Jul 2018
Lets say you have a matrix M (10x100). If we do corrcoef(M) the resulting matrix will be 100x100. Why is this?


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Answer by Pawel Jastrzebski on 19 Jul 2018
Edited by Pawel Jastrzebski on 19 Jul 2018
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Have you checked the documentation for the corrcoef function? It explains exactly how the results are obtained:
Especially when you scroll down to the 'More about' section.
Also, looking at the documentation for the plot matrix might help you understand the output of correlation:


Yes I read through it, I suppose im just confused on how they construct the matrix of correlation coefficients, this might be a math issue rather than coding
Each column is correlated against each other column.

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