Can "Data frame Sizes" be changed longer than 8? Can "Length" be changed longer than 32?

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Length of some CAN message is longer than 8 bytes. Also length of signal is longer than 32bits (ex. diagnostic message) When I try to use "CAN Pack" and "canac2pcisend" for diagnostic message, error message shows in data frame sizes and length.
Is there any other way to use the message with signal?

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Dimitri MANKOV
Dimitri MANKOV am 11 Aug. 2022
Hi Byeongsoo,
The maximum length of a CAN message is by definition 64 bits / 8 bytes. If your message contains more data, you're probably using CAN-FD instead of CAN, in which case a "CAN-FD Pack" block should be used instead.
With that being said, how exactly you'd like to use these 64 bits is completely up to you. You can use them for 1x double signal, or for 1x 32-bit signal and 4x 8-bit signals, etc. What's important is that the signal size defined in Simulink matches with the signal sizes defined in the "CAN Pack" block.
I hope this is helpfu!


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