GRIDDATA suitability for interpolating from one mesh to another

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Hello all,
I would like to use MATLAB for the purpose of transforming a temperature distribution from one finite-element mesh to another. This is to allow the results of a a heat analysis to be used as the load for a thermal expansion stress analysis- the difficulty is that the mesh requirements for the heat and stress analysis are different and exclusive; so the meshes used for the heat analysis and stress analysis need to be different.
The requirement is to take a set of nodes in 3D space, each with temperature values assigned to them, and using interpolation transform the temperature distribution on to a second set of nodes (these will correspond to the same geometry but will be distributed differently). I have looked at the function GRIDDATA which looks to me as if it is suitable for this purpose. Can anyone comment on this?
Many thanks in advance

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Kevin Holst
Kevin Holst on 13 Jun 2012
griddata (in this case griddata3) is going to be removed in a future release of Matlab. Use TriScatteredInterp instead. I've used both and found that TriScatteredInterp is faster and offers more options.

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