How to measure Forces at the contact patch of a Tire as a function of suspension arm loads?

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%*Please see images above*% Hey, I am trying to model the relationship between tire generated forces (at the contact patch) by inputting loads into the suspension arms (what i would theoretically be able to measure) to predict the corresponding forces at the tire. Unfortunately, this current model gives me 0 force (by trying to model a road on which it is incident). Am I messing up dependencies, is there another way to do it? What joint should I be using? Thanks, Ps: i managed to have a working model for inputing tire forces and measuring suspension loads, but cannot figure out how to reverse the process.

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Nicolas Schmit
Nicolas Schmit am 9 Jul. 2018
You cannot measure the contact force using a 6DOF joint, unless you add some stiffness to the internal mechanics. If you want to measure only the normal force, you can replace the 6DOF joint with a planar joint. If you also want to measure the force tangential to the ground, you can either add stiffness and damping to the planar joint and wait for the system to stabilize, or replace the joint with a weld joint. However, depending on how you modeled your suspension mechanism you might end up with an over constrained mechanism.

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