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cell mean from each cells

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Kuang-Yu WANG
Kuang-Yu WANG am 26 Jun. 2018
Kommentiert: Walter Roberson am 26 Jun. 2018
I need to get the result like this
mean(cellfun(@(x) x(1,4), thething))
mean(cellfun(@(x) x(2,4), thething))
mean(cellfun(@(x) x(n,4), thething))
however my cell are
thething = {26*7 double}
{33*7 double}
{100*7 double}
.....{22*7 double}
not all cells have n lines.I need to use the cells that do have datas to calculate the means to form a plot. thanks!
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 26 Jun. 2018
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KL am 26 Jun. 2018
It doesn't matter how many lines each cell has. Probably you want something like,
C = {rand(50,7),rand(30,7),rand(100,7)}; %example
C_means = cellfun(@mean,C,'uni',0)


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