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save result of each iteration in a joint table

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Marko Adamovic
Marko Adamovic am 21 Jun. 2018
Beantwortet: Peter Perkins am 3 Jul. 2018
Hi, I am trying to save the results of each iteration as one joint table. However I got only the last one. Any hint? Thanks
for j=1:d %
% some fun to calculate and get results.mat
load results.mat % obsData simData at each loop d
T(:,:)= table(obsData(:),simData(:));
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KL am 21 Jun. 2018
you're doing the exact same thing during every iteration. What are you trying to do here?
Marko Adamovic
Marko Adamovic am 21 Jun. 2018
just trying to add every new obs and sim to the Table. Thanks

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Marko Adamovic
Marko Adamovic am 21 Jun. 2018
it works with arrays by simple saving it for obs and sim separately, and then joining them.Thanks

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Peter Perkins
Peter Perkins am 3 Jul. 2018
You are overwriting all of T every time.
Do one of two things:
1) inside you2 loop, assign to new rows of T:
T(end:end+n,:)= table(obsData(:),simData(:))
2) Inside your loop, assign each new table into a cell array, and then vertcat them all.
for i = ...
C{i} = table(obsData(:),simData(:));
T = vertcat(C{:});

Sayyed Ahmad
Sayyed Ahmad am 21 Jun. 2018
I would use the cell-data format to save every thing.
for i=1:5


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