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Can Web Apps take input arguments?

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Huub Bakker
Huub Bakker am 8 Jun. 2018
Kommentiert: Amir Abedin am 11 Jul. 2020
I am setting up a server to process data uploaded to it remotely. I'm using Matlab Web Apps to do the processing but I need to provide the app with the location of the files. I have this all working in AppDesigner by supplying the app with input arguments but there does not seem to be any information on how these work in Web Apps or whether it is supported at all (at least, not in the list in the Matlab help about what AppDesigner features that aren't supported in Web Apps).
Does anyone know if this is possible/impossible and, if possible, how it works?
Many thanks in advance.

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Chris Portal
Chris Portal am 9 Jun. 2018
Currently, it’s a limitation, but there’s a workaround. This is what the doc says:
“Opening files and folders on the client, or loading and saving files on the client via uigetfile, uiputfile, and uigetdir is not supported. As a workaround, MATLAB file I/O functions such as readtable, load, and fread will work if the file or folder is on a network location accessible by both the client and server.”
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Julian Krebs
Julian Krebs am 8 Jun. 2020
Any updates with R2019b/R2020b? Read url parameters with something like "?denomerator =3x+8x&numerator=8x^2" would be very helpful for WebApps. Actual best solution is to save preferences in configuration file and read it form other WebApp, right? Is there any example code for this?
Amir Abedin
Amir Abedin am 11 Jul. 2020
I guess there is no update yet

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