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Extract features from an EEG (single channel) signal

Asked by Chiara Parrillo on 31 May 2018
Latest activity Answered by Aakash Deep on 31 May 2018
Hi, I'm trying to extract features from an EEG; I've not too much experience in Matlab, so I don't really know how to proceed. Could someone help?


What do you mean by features. Are they muscular/ocular artifacts which you want to extract? Can you elaborate on this a little?
I need to extract alfa and theta rhythm to train a classifier
You would want to extract the frequency components of your signal using either Fourier transforms or Wavelet approaches. This is a good start.
Best, Sandro

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1 Answer

Answer by Aakash Deep on 31 May 2018

Hello Chiara,
If you want to extract the alpha and theta rhythm of the signal, you can find the wigner-ville transform of the signal (from which you can easily see the frequency band of the signal at any time point). This can actually help. A built-in function of this is not available in MATLAB but there are toolboxes which are supported in MATLAB. Below are two toolboxes for this:
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Hope this helps :)


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