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App designer dynamic properties

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MikeSv am 29 Mai 2018
Beantwortet: Chris Portal am 31 Mai 2018
Hi everyone.
I just got started with Gui programming using the App Designer and Iam wondering if it is possible to create dynamic uicontrols. In example if I want to plot on UIAxes1 I would use:
if true
But what if I want to create a new axis on in example a button click event and then use another button to plot something. How can I tell Matlab to plot on the newly creates axes?
I hope my question isn't too hard to follow...
Any help would be great.
Thanks in advance,

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Chris Portal
Chris Portal am 31 Mai 2018
The answer in this other post describes how to do this in the general case if you’re creating multiple new components. If you are only needing to create 1 axes, then instead of managing your new components as a structure, it can just be the handle to your axes.


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