How do you i limit the angle of a revolute joint in simscape?

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Sreeranj Jayadevan
Sreeranj Jayadevan am 28 Mai 2018
Beantwortet: Nicolas Schmit am 28 Mai 2018
I am making a Stewart Platform in simscape. I need to limit the angle by which my servo (in this case i am providing the revolute joint with an input torque-this acts like a servo) rotates? I am not able to attach more than one leg to my 6dof platform due to this. As the revolute joint rotates too much the platform goes out of its workspace.

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Nicolas Schmit
Nicolas Schmit am 28 Mai 2018
You can interface a Rotational Hard Stop with the Revolute joint. See here to learn how to interface Simscape Multibody with the rotational domain.


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