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Need Help this assigment

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ugur arslan am 23 Mai 2018
Beantwortet: sloppydisk am 23 Mai 2018
GMDP.Ploc{1}(:,:,1)=repmat([0 1],4,1); Can anyone explain this ?

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sloppydisk am 23 Mai 2018
GMDP is a struct
GMDP.Ploc is a field of GMDP
GMDP.Ploc{1} is a cell containing a 3D array
GMDP.Ploc{1}(:,:,1) is the first 2D slice along the third dimension
repmat([0 1],4,1) repeats the array [0 1] 4 times along the first dimension and once along the second dimension.

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