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MATLAB 2018a error: Error using actxserver:

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JFz am 22 Mai 2018
Kommentiert: JFz am 25 Mai 2018
My script that connecting Matlab and Power World is not working after migrated to 2018a. Here is the error: Server creation failed. Invalid ProgID 'pwrworld.SimulatorAuto'. It used to work over a year ago. Could any expert tell what might go wrong here? Thanks.

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Preethi Ayyamperumal
Preethi Ayyamperumal am 25 Mai 2018
In order to create a COM server, the PROGID "pwrworld.SimulatorAuto" for the Power World application needs to be present in the windows registry. The reason for this issue might be due to Power World application not being added to Windows Registry.
Please reinstall Power World application so that it will be automatically added to the windows registry and see if it resolves the issue.

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