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Unable to open openExampl​e('wavelet​/XpwWavele​tMLExample​')

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Gopika Akhil
Gopika Akhil am 18 Mai 2018
Beantwortet: Arifin Hidayat am 19 Nov. 2023
Hello, I am unable to open openExample('wavelet/XpwWaveletMLExample') in my MATLAB R2016a. Getting error
Index exceeds matrix dimensions.
Error in openExample>readMetadata (line 95) metadata.component = tokens{1};
Error in openExample (line 10) metadata = readMetadata(id);

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Wayne King
Wayne King am 28 Mai 2018
That example is part of MATLAB R2018a. The example was not shipped with the R2016a version of MATLAB.

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Arifin Hidayat
Arifin Hidayat am 19 Nov. 2023
How can i get the SLX file about Single Hydraulic Cylinder Simulation?


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