Is it possible to Re-order App Properties

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M G am 11 Mai 2018
Kommentiert: M G am 12 Mai 2018
App Designer automatically creates a list of Properties according to the display components selected by the user. That's wonderful, except..... I was just working on an App and I put in some new Numerical data-entry fields between existing ones. App Designer places each additional Property entries at the bottom of the Properties list.
The problem is, if the User decides to employ the TAB key to move from one field to the next, the succession of jumps is dictated by the order of the entries in the Properties section. That is to say: even though the fields are stacked consecutively, Tabbing jumps around in a different order!
I tried to cut-and-paste the Properties code, but was not allowed to do that.
Is there a method for reordering the Properties?

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Chris Portal
Chris Portal am 12 Mai 2018
Unfortunately there is no way to do this as of R2018a. It is a known enhancement, but I will log an additional request for the team to be aware of.
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M G am 12 Mai 2018
Thanks, I appreciate knowing that I have not missed any important steps. Thanks for adding my inquiry to the "request" list for an enhancement. It is probably easier-said-than-done, programmatically, or it would've been tackled by now!

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