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Video capture

Asked by Hari Patel on 31 May 2012
I am working on one project. In which I have CCD image sensor with EIA B/W video camera and its output is connected to Analog Front End(AFE). The output of AFE is 12 Bit Digital data at the rate of 9 MHz. Now I want to capture a video (30 seconds)from that digital data for further processing using MATLAB. What hardware and/or software is best for my data acquisition?


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Answer by Walter Roberson
on 31 May 2012

The prices I find are so high that I hope I am looking at the wrong products!!
Your 9 MHz of 12 bit data is about 108 megabits per second, and apparently that puts you into the top of the line of the National Instruments DIO device families.
There is a much much less expensive line of NI devices, but they are described as being software timed, with one sample per I/O request. There is no practical way to get 9 MHz of I/O requests issued within MATLAB itself.

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price doesn't matter for me.
Is there any other hardware and/or software available with which I can capture a video and process that video in the MATLAB ?

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Answer by Stephen
on 31 May 2012

that's not really a matlab question, but why can't you just save video to your camera's storage device and import it later through usb or something. I know some cameras force you to use their own image format, but if that's your case, you pretty much have to use the associated software they provide to manipulate pictures and they may not allow you to save .tiffs or whatever for use in matlab.


In my experience, CCD sensors with EIA outputs do not *have* any internal storage: they are just plain sensors with live analog output over a cable.
It is a MATLAB question because MATLAB does not support all devices, and because different MATLAB modules are more or less suited for certain video or DIO operations.
For example without feedback from us, the poster might have thought that perhaps a NI USB-6509 was suitable, but you can't really drive a USB-6509 as quickly as the poster needs.

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