How can I draw smithchart ? I'm gettting an error

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Ali Osman Aydin
Ali Osman Aydin am 4 Mai 2018
Bearbeitet: John Kelly am 21 Mai 2018

How can I draw smithchart ? I'm gettting an error

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John BG
John BG am 21 Mai 2018
ok, the missing license file for the support function has updated. The problem you refer to is over. Now please remove the misleading comments you have scattered in this question.
John BG
John BG am 21 Mai 2018
and please stop editing the comments written by others. Just add your comments appended to anything you object, but by editing others comments you cause further confusion.

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John BG
John BG am 5 Mai 2018
Bearbeitet: John BG am 16 Mai 2018
Hello Ali
You are using some of the functions I have written to help develop MATLAB code for Smith chart related tasks.
I posted the code the Ali Osman is reproducing in his question 1 year ago, available here:
returns solutions that include such functions, haven't compiled them yet into a single toolbox, and I don't think I am going to, because MATLAB already has an RF toolbox.
your line
should be
your line
should be
Please find attached the support functions needed to have your script working.
your line
plot(ax,real(gamma),imag(gamma),'r0','LineWidth',1.5); %çizim
should be
plot(ax,real(gamma),imag(gamma),'ro','LineWidth',1.5); %çizim
the result
is similar to those obtained with
Ali, please download again from the above link because I have fixed a couple syntax errors that may have induced your question regarding my code.
Ali Osman
if you find this answer useful would you please be so kind to consider marking my answer as Accepted Answer?
To any other reader, if you find this answer useful please consider clicking on the thumbs-up vote link
thanks in advance for time and attention
John BG
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John BG
John BG am 19 Mai 2018
this is another contribution of mine, related to Smith chart plotting. Please have a look at the comment I have added right under the question.
I am giving Jan Simon the benefit of the doubt, so I assume he simply did not open the PDF that show the code I uploaded in April 2017.
I have corrected the support function license issue.
All this copyright fuss draws the attention away from the fact that I solved the errors that Ali Osman asked about.
I answered this question from Ali Osman, I politely ask Ali Osman or any forum power user to help me leave these QA as a simple query, removing all misleading comments, most of them from Jan (Simon).
I am going to reword it again, this question from Ali Osman has been solved with my contribution.
And so far, no one else has added any answer solving the question.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 19 Mai 2018
John BG: you edited the citation of your contribution into place after Jan said that he did not see any evidence that you were the author of the code that was originally posted. I had also asked for evidence as I had actively googled a number of different lines of the code and found matches for only the first three lines. I had no evidence at the time. Jan had no evidence at the time. His remarks were correct and were not misleading.
Since the time you posted the link to your contribution, I have not seen anyone questioning that you did in fact contribute the code that the user originally posted.
The matter after that time has been about whether the Answer you originally posted here cited copyright work properly. You have edited in a citation, but that does not make it misleading that Jan has not removed the remarks pointing out that you originally had difficulty in that manner.
I thanked you for your response and I voted for your Answer, as you made useful contributions to the user. But I am not going to remove Jan's remarks as they were not misleading at the time they were made. The authorized editors enforce the copyright policy on everyone, not just on you.
I am not going to Accept on behalf of the user as you have made your opposition to that clear in the past. If you grant the power users authority to Accept on behalf of the users then you also grant them authority to make decisions about which Answer is best, potentially Accepting someone else's Answer in cases where you have posted an Answer. You have firmly indicated in the past that you believe that it should be strictly up to the user to choose the Answer that the user prefers. Accordingly, if the user prefers not to Accept an Answer of your creation that looks to be well considered, I have to defer to your strongly expressed opinions of the past and refrain from Accepting on behalf of the user.

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