Is there a simple approach to adding spaces before and after every number in a cell array, where each cell is a combination of numbers and letters?

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I have an [m x n] cell in the range of thousands. For simplicity, let's deal with a 2x3 cell instead. The elements are as follows:
{[123xswqe412]} {[xasdak12399a8s]} {[123123xq13]}
{[qasoasf1231]} {[asd11skka13551]} {[127u8adkja]}
Can you please advise on how I can make it so that the output is as follows:
{[123 xswqe 412]} {[xasdak 12399 a 8 s]} {[123123 xq 13]}
{[qasoasf 1231]} {[asd 11 skka 13551]} {[127 u 8 adkja]}
Any help would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

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sloppydisk am 4 Mai 2018
Bearbeitet: sloppydisk am 4 Mai 2018
I don't know why I took the time to do this and my function separating the words is super ugly but I think you want something like this:
% string
str = '123xswqe412ew3';
% regular expression to separate string from number
expr = '\d+|\D+';
%create cell with strings
mycell = cell(50, 1);
mycell(:) = {str};
% perform function on cell
mycell(:) = cellfun(@(x)doRegExp(x, expr), mycell, 'UniformOutput', false);
% function to separate strings
function f = doRegExp(str, expr)
ind = regexp(str, expr);
f = str(ind(1):ind(2)-1);
for i = 2:length(ind)-1
a = str(ind(i):ind(i+1)-1);
f = [f, ' ', a];
f = [f, ' ', str(ind(i+1):end)];
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sloppydisk am 4 Mai 2018
Bearbeitet: sloppydisk am 4 Mai 2018
ind = regexp(str, '\d+[\.]\d+|\D+|\d+', 'match')
I added an extra OR statement basically to check for digits with dots in between. And maybe this match option in regexp is actually an easier way of splitting your string.

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jonas am 4 Mai 2018
I'll just go ahead and give an alternative answer because I spent way too much time trying to solve this seemingly easy problem :)
clear all;
[ind11,ind12] = regexp(str, '\d[A-Za-z]');
[ind21,ind22] = regexp(str, '[A-Za-z]\d');
ind=sort([ind11 ind12 ind21 ind22])
str=regexprep(str,'\d[A-Za-z]','X X')
str=regexprep(str,'[A-Za-z]\d','X X')
I tried solving the problem with '.', as mentioned in the comment. Unfortunately a new bug appeared, where substrings like 21.FP will not be split. Not sure how to solve that though.


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