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marta UR

MatLab R2018b doesn´t initialize, what could I do?

Asked by marta UR
on 3 May 2018
Latest activity Commented on by marta UR
on 4 May 2018
I´ve installed MatLab R2018b in my office computer. I´m using my studing license. Apparently, everything works but when I open MatLab it suddenly stops working and it can´t be initialized. What could I do? I´ve already check mi license and it´s ok, and I work with it in my personal computer so..
Thank you so much, I wish you could help me :)


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1 Answer

Answer by Andreas Goser on 4 May 2018
 Accepted Answer

There is a generic article for this situation. If this does not help you further, you can contact MathWorks installation support.

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Thank you so much! I`ve been trying with some solutions but it is not been working.. Well, I have to chek if the antivirus software is creating this problem... Maybe it is my problem... Thanks again :)

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