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Trouble with the Simulink "Show animation during simulation" option

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Joseph am 30 Apr. 2018
I am using a set of Simulink modeling/control tutorials produced by the Univ. of Michigan (the inverted pendulum problem in this case). These tutorials have been updated to R2017b. In one exercise I came across this instruction: Recall that the "Show animation during simulation" option must be checked under the Simulation > Model Configuration Parameters menu. I cannot find this selection in the referenced menu. I have R2017b/Simulink.
Can someone tell me how to find this option? And what does the animation consist of - a real time plot of data perhaps?

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Ramanuja Jagannathan
Ramanuja Jagannathan am 4 Mai 2018
On a quick glance of the tutorial, it seems to have been build using SimMechanics 1st Generation. In 2017b, the toolbox is called Simscape Multibody and to activate the animation, enable the Mechanics Explorer in the model.

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