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How to use videoWriter having a matrix

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JamJan am 16 Apr. 2018
Kommentiert: JamJan am 16 Apr. 2018
I want to create a video, using videowriter, of my data (which is written in a matrix. The matrix consists of configurations one and zeros of nx4. In other words: each array in this matrix is a configuration, which is deduced from an array of values in the past.
I want to couple these configurations (16 possibilities) to 16 different images and then I want to loop them over the matrix in order to create an representation of the data over time in images.
Can anyone help me out with this?
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Jan am 16 Apr. 2018
I do not understand the question. Does the contents of the array matter or would the solution be the same for a random matrix of 1s and 0s? What does "couple the configuration" mean? What is "loop them over a matrix"?
JamJan am 16 Apr. 2018
For every configuration, which is displayed in a 4 value array, let's say for example [0 0 0 1], I want to save this to an image. I want to do that for every combination (16 in total), but I want Matlab to assign these images and place them in order after each other. After this I want to make a video of these images with videowriter.

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