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ANFIS speed estimator of induction motor

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Ramesh am 25 Mai 2012
Beantwortet: Murat am 11 Mai 2014
Hello friends i have to design ANFIS speed estimator of induction motor for a project.I have prepared the data to train ANFIS in workspace(60*3 matrix form). During this process i have some doubts.the procedure i followed given briefly
>>first opened ANFIS GUI using command window by entering 'anfisedit'
>>loaded training data which has previously saved in workspace.
>> Now my doubt is i have no testing and checking data. are they necessary to design ANFIS?
>>So i have loaded same training data as testing and checking. and then "generate FIS' selected.then selected "train now' given 3 3 membership functions,triangular mf' ANFIS structure created.
>>Is this approach is correct? then how to save this ANFIS and getting into simulink model as a block.
>>Otherwise please tell me correct procedure. thank you very much friends please guide me.

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Win co
Win co am 25 Mai 2012
1) Be sure in your 60x3 matrix, the 2 first columns are inputs and the third column is output of ANFIS
2) Without checking (or testing) data, you CAN build your ANFIS successfully. the purpose of using checking data is to test if there is overfitting problem in your ANFIS or not.
3) You didn't mention about the number of epochs you chose, so I recommend 20 epochs and be sure you choose Hybrid in the method option
4) after training finishes, in the TEST FIS, choose Training Data and click Test now, you will see the plot of output calculated by your trained ANFIS and the plot of reel output which is the third column of your training data matrix. You can improve the result by changing the type of membership function, number of membership function and number of epoch.
5) once you satisfy with the result, you can save the model by click on File -> Export -> to File. Your model will be saved in *.fis. This is the file you can use in the simulink
6) I recommend you to take a look at the exemple "Water Level Control" of Matlab (search in Help), it shows how to use blocFuzzy Logic Controller. This is the bloc where you implement your saved model FIS
Hope it help !
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Ramesh am 2 Jun. 2012
Thanks win co it is helped me a lot.
abhishek upadhyay
abhishek upadhyay am 24 Dez. 2013
@Win co your expanation is very good. But i have one query: How can i obtain the fis output in tabular format. As i need to determine other statistical test of mine output. Please help me out.

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BANDREDDY BABU am 16 Apr. 2014
I have excel sheet.I want to estimate the values in ANFIS.For loading the data it asks '.dat' format file.Now how to solve this problem.Please tell.Its very important to me

Murat am 11 Mai 2014
you can load you data into the workspace and load to ANFIS from workspace. try that it will help


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