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fuzzy logic

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Oyewale Oyelami
Oyewale Oyelami am 25 Mai 2012
I am working on flood forecasting using fuzzy logic.. and to be based on rainfall, Air temperature, Wind speed and Relative Humidity.. I have a the data for all the four parameter... but the real issue is how to combine the membership functions for the four inputs to get a single output. also thinking, if its required for me to have a flood data on hand for me to be able to forecast it. Thanks in advance..

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Win co
Win co am 25 Mai 2012
2 solutions :
1) Solution with flood data available : use ANFIS GUI to build an Adaptive neural fuzzy interference system. Use data of 4 parameters and flood data to train your ANFIS so that the memberships will be automatically generated.
2) Solution without flood data : use FIS GUI to build your own fuzzy logic structure in which you have to define each membership
Finally read the help of FIS GUI and ANFIS GUI for more detail
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Oyewale Oyelami
Oyewale Oyelami am 26 Mai 2012
i am working with the FIS (without flood data.) and i have already get the input membership functions.. but the major is how to relate it to get a single output membership function is the major issue now.. Thanks in advance.
Win co
Win co am 28 Mai 2012
In this case, you have to build your own fuzzy logic set such as :
IF IN1 is x and IN2 is y and IN3 is z then OUT is xyz

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