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Trisurf in App Designer

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Jonas Widmer
Jonas Widmer am 6 Apr. 2018
Kommentiert: Humam Helfawi am 14 Feb. 2019
Hi all,
I try to plot a polygon mesh via trisurf() in app-designer into the axes object. However, I'm not sure if this is possible. Could someone help me to do that, please?
Best, J

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Chris Portal
Chris Portal am 14 Apr. 2018
TRISURF doesn't appear to support an axes to be passed in as the first input argument. Instead, it can take it via PV pairs as follows:
trisurf(my_Data, 'Parent', app.View)
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Michal Kurzynka
Michal Kurzynka am 18 Apr. 2018
Hi, After calling:
trisurf(my_Data, 'Parent', app.View)
MATLAB returns error:
Error using patch
Functionality not supported with UIAxes. For more information, see Graphics Support in App Designer.
Error in trisurf (line 90)
h = patch('faces',trids,'vertices',[x(:) y(:) z(:)],'facevertexcdata',c(:),...
Is there any way around this?
Humam Helfawi
Humam Helfawi am 14 Feb. 2019
This solved the problem for me.. Thanks!

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Jonas Widmer
Jonas Widmer am 10 Apr. 2018
No answer to this? Would appreciate every help! Best, J


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