why m not getting clearer circle edges after performing following operations .plz help

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clear all; close all; [FileName,PathName] = uigetfile('*.*','Select the image file'); nomfich=[PathName,FileName]; ima=imread(nomfich); %sx=size(ima); ima = imresize(ima, [400 400]); HSV=rgb2hsv(ima); H=HSV(:,:,1); S=HSV(:,:,2); V=HSV(:,:,3);
[hca1,hch1,hcv1,hcd1] = dwt2(H,'bior1.3'); [sca1,sch1,scv1,scd1] = dwt2(S,'bior1.3'); [vca1,vch1,vcv1,vcd1] = dwt2(V,'bior1.3');
SE = strel('disk',0); hch1 = imdilate(hch1,SE,8); hcv1 = imdilate(hcv1,SE,8); hcd1 = imdilate(hcd1,SE,8); sch1 = imdilate(sch1,SE,8); scv1 = imdilate(scv1,SE,8); scd1 = imdilate(scd1,SE,8); vch1 = imdilate(vch1,SE,8); vcv1 = imdilate(vcv1,SE,8); vcd1 = imdilate(vcd1,SE,8);
LH=hch1+hcv1+hcd1; LS=sch1+scv1+scd1; LV=vch1+vcv1+vcd1;
a=idwt2(LH,hch1,hcv1,hcd1,'bior1.3'); %figure,imshow(a); b=idwt2(LS,sch1,scv1,scd1,'bior1.3'); %figure,imshow(b); c=idwt2(LV,vch1,vcv1,vcd1,'bior1.3'); %figure,imshow(c); %hsvimg=a+b+c;
HSV1(:,:,1)=a; HSV1(:,:,2)=b; HSV1(:,:,3)=c;
figure,imshow(HSV1); title('reconstructed HSV image');
rgbimg=hsv2rgb(HSV1); %colormap(rgbimg); figure,imshow(rgbimg); %imhist(rgbimg); title('reconstructed rgb image');
grayimg=rgb2gray(rgbimg); figure,imshow(grayimg); imhist(grayimg);
level = graythresh(grayimg);
BW = im2bw(grayimg,level);
%im3 = im2bw(grayimg, 0.1); im4 = imclose(BW, strel('disk', 4, 4)); im5 = imfill(im4, 'holes'); figure,imshow(im5); [centers, radii] = imfindcircles(im5, [180, 200], 'Sensitivity', .99); viscircles(centers, radii);

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 8 Apr. 2018
I already answered you in your other post. Here it is again:
Contact the Laboratory of Tree Ring Research at the University of Arizona. http://ltrr.arizona.edu/ They started the field and are probably still the world's leader. They can probably point you to their best publications. You might even be able to obtain code from them.


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