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Error using linprog quoting the code "-2_4"

Error using linprog (line 336) LINPROG encountered an internal error that caused the solution to lose feasibility. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Please contact technical support for assistance with your problem, quoting the code "-2_4".


I also got the same error. Surendra did you get the problem solved?
Dear Philip Chow
1. Disable Pre-Processing using the flags 'PreProcess','none' with optimoptions: ?options = optimoptions(@linprog, 'Preprocess', 'none');
Unfortunately the code it is failing in is buried in a .p file that contain a complete class.

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Try the following: It worked for me.
Disable Pre-Processing using the flags 'PreProcess','none' with optimoptions;
options = optimoptions(@linprog, 'Preprocess', 'none');

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Thanks a lot!

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