Trapezoidal rule to find total work?

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I'm given 6 values for time, Force, and velocity. And I'm told to find total work with trapezoidal rule. (first time value is zero)
Does this seem correct? I excluded the code where I assign t=[0,#, #,...] & v=[.2, #, #...] & F=[2.0, #, #...]
for i=2:length(t)
pos(i)=pos(i-1) + area
work(i)= (pos(i) + pos(i-1))*(F(i)-F(i-1))/2
totalwork= totalwork + work(i)
Rachel Dawn
Rachel Dawn on 28 Mar 2018
Hi David, thank you for your response. The Force values I'm given are not constant throughout. But, I'm wondering, how would I actually change my code to account for a constant force? What do you mean by "describe the correct trapezoid"?

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Roger Stafford
Roger Stafford on 28 Mar 2018
Edited: Roger Stafford on 28 Mar 2018
I would think your code should be this:
work = 0;
for k = 2:length(t)
work = work + (F(k)+F(k-1))/2*(v(k-1)+v(k))/2*(t(k)-t(k-1));
That is, the quantity "(v(k-1)+v(k))/2*(t(k)-t(k-1))" is the approximate displacement during the time interval t(k-1) to t(k), and if it is multiplied by the average force (trapezoid rule), "(F(k)+F(k-1))/2", during that time interval you would get the approximate work done then. The sum of the five work values should give you the total work done.
[Addendum: Or perhaps you could use this:
work = 0;
for k = 2:length(t)
work = work + (F(k)*v(k)+F(k-1)*v(k-1))/2*(t(k)-t(k-1));
because you are approximating the integral of F*v with respect to time, t.]
Roger Stafford
Roger Stafford on 28 Mar 2018
" I just tried both those sections of code you included and they give different answers." Yes, they are not identical, but are different approximations. Assuming F and v vary in a reasonably smooth fashion, they should not be greatly different. It is the difference between
It is not clear which of these best represents the trapezoidal rule. I would hazard the guess that the first of these (that is, the second in the answer) is likely to be the best.

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